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Trucker Hats

A trucker hat is a similarly designed baseball hat that contains mesh on the back part. The front section of a trucker hat is sometimes made of foam. This hat can be designed as a flatbill, structured, unstructured or distressed. The material used is made of either polyester, cotton or acrylic.
From 1930 to 1960 trucker drivers began using this hat and it was an iconic look in order to be recognized and a cheaper alternative to baseball hats. In the 1980's this hat was replaced by the 100% cotton ones that are used nowadays. Later on, in the early 2000's it became a fashion trend and groups such as hip-hop followers, pop-punkers and skaters began rocking it. Following that, the trend became bigger and bigger and celebrities such as the musician Pharrell and actor Ashton Kutcher helped with the new trucker hat fashion.

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